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February Online Poker Promotions

THE WEEKLY SHUFFLE, 2011-01-30, by Ozone

There are a few promotions taking place in the online poker world this February that are worth mentioning.

Party Poker's 'The Snowball'

Party Poker is giving players a chance to collect as much as $10,000 in cash and entries to freerolls with a combined $100,000 in prizes. All you have to do is play and collect PartyPoints at real-money tables.

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There are 24 benchmarks to reach on The Snowball. Each of them come with a prize. The first benchmark is reached by earning 5 PartyPoints. The achievement comes with entry to a $5k freeroll. From there, the prizes only get bigger and better. If you make it to the top level, which is attained by collecting 75,000 PartyPoints in February, you will have earned a total of $10,000 in cash and entry into five different freerolls with combined prizepools of $100,000.

This promotion is basically a glorified form of rakeback, but it does give players added incentive to play in the month of February. Visit Party Poker and use bonus code TIPS500 to receive a first-time deposit bonus of 100% up to $500. If you wish to participate in The Snowman, be sure to opt in by visiting their website.

Flash February Reload Bonus at Ladbrokes Poker

Make a minimum deposit of $10 to Ladbrokes at anytime in February to qualify for this promotion. It is a rather simple promotion. For every 100 poker points earned during the month, $1.50 will be credited to your account. You may earn up to $1,000 via this promotion.

If you do not yet have an account at Ladbrokes Poker, check out their site by using bonus code TIPS on your first promotion. You will receive up to $1,000 in bonus money by using this code in addition to the money won via this promotion.

Qualify for the 2011 Irish Poker Open at 888 Poker

888 Poker is sending players to one of Europe's most popular poker tournaments, the Irish Poker Open. I can speak from experience that the IPO is a terrific live tournament to participate in. Since the buy-in for the tournament is just €3,500, winning a package is rather attainable. 888 Poker's IPO package is valued at $7,200 and includes tournament buy-in, 5 nights at The Burlington Hotel, $1,500 for travel expenses and spending money, an 888 Poker kit which includes a Sony digital camera, and an invitation to 888 Poker's VIP party at the IPO.

Every Sunday at 20:05 GMT until 10th April, 2011, a $288+$12 tournament (note the small vig to buy-in ratio) will award winners with these $7,200 packages. There are freerolls and tournaments priced as affordable as $2 that lead to seats in the Sunday qualifiers. If you create an account at 888 Poker, they will give you $8 for free. This money can be used to play IPO satellites. The Irish Poker Open takes place in Dublin from April 22-25.

To receive the free $8, be sure to visit 888 Poker through a link from PokerTips.

The Everest Poker ONE

Everest Poker is sending players to the dream destination of Monte Carlo. Win a $9,000 package to compete in the Salle des Palmiers at the Sporting Monte Carlo which will have a guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000. The package includes a $6,500 tournament buy-in, $650 for airfare, and $1,450 in VIP accommodations. The VIP accommodations include hotel, shuttle and dinners.

The Salle des Palmiers will be held April 21-24. Qualifiers begin at Everest Poker on February 2nd. By using bonus code PTIPS400, you can receive up to $400 in bonus money which is much nicer than Everest's default bonus of $100.

The Weekly Shuffle is our Sunday column with our observations and commentary on the poker world. Have an idea for an article? Leave a suggestion on the feedback page.


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