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March Online Poker Promotions

THE WEEKLY SHUFFLE, 2011-02-27, by Ozone

There are a few pretty cool online poker promotions swinging into action in March. Here are the details of some of the best ones.

Party Poker's Win Tonight

Every night during March, Party Poker is giving away a fabulous electronics package to the winner of their Win Tonight freeroll. It doesn't get much simpler than this promotion. Anyone who has deposited at Party Poker is eligible to participate in the Win Tonight freeroll held each night at 20:00 CET.

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From Monday through Saturday, the tournament's winner receives a package that includes an iPad 16GB, a Canon EOS 1000D, PSP Go & Monster Beats headphones, PS3 320GB Slim, PS3 Move Pack and charging kit, FIFA 11 & Call of Duty Black Ops games, iPod Touch 64Gb & docking speakers, and a Sony Vaio VPC with 16Gb flash drive.

Win the tournament on a Sunday and you'll receive a Samsung 40" 3D TV, Blu-ray player and 3D glasses!

Second- through tenth-place in each event will receive a small cash prize ranging from $3 up to $30. Check out Party Poker today to win one of these great electronics packages for free!

myBet's APT Manila Satellites

myBet is giving players a great chance to visit Asia for the Asian Poker Tour's event in Manila, Philippines. Win a $5,500 package for the tournament in a super satellite held every Saturday at 20:00 CET. The buy-in for the super satellite is $215. Qualifiers are held all throughout the week to help players get into the super satellite on the cheap.

The $5,500 package includes $2,700 tournament entry, five nights stay in the Manila Marriot, and up to $1,975 in value for flights and spending money. Last year's APT Manila event drew 227 players and awarded a first-place prize of $176,700.

Betfair Poker's $100,000 GSOP Sponsorship

The sixth annual Grand Series of Poker started today at Betfair. It's not too late to get your hands on a $100,000 sponsorship package being given away by Betfair. Be the first player to finish in the top 3 of three different GSOP events and you'll receive a $100,000 sponsorship deal from the popular OnGame skin.

Simply make three final tables in GSOP and Betfair will give you a $15,000 WSOP Main Event package. But wait, there's more. Be one of the first 10 players to finish in the money in three separate no-limit hold'em events on the GSOP schedule and you'll receive a $1,500 package to a Betfair Live! event held in Tallinn, Estonia.

Here is a look at the GSOP VI schedule:

Date - Buyin - Event - Guarantee

February 27th - $190+$10 - NLHE - $400,000
February 28th - $100+$8 - NLHE Rebuy - $150,000
March 1st - $150+$12 - NLHE - $125,000
March 2nd - $50+$4 - PLO/8 Rebuy - $40,000
March 3rd - $50+$4 - NLHE Shootout Rebuy - $100,000
March 4th - $190+$10 - PLO - $50,000
March 5th - $100+$8 - NLHE Shootout - $75,000
March 6th - $190+$10 - NLHE - $350,000
March 7th - $50+$4 - NLHE Shootout Rebuy - $100,000
March 8th - $100+$8 - NLHE One Rebuy/Addon - $60,000
March 9th - $300+$20 - Limit HE - $50,000
March 10th - $50+$4 - PLO Shootout Rebuy - $50,000
March 11th - $190+$10 - NLHE One Rebuy/Addon - $250,000
March 12th - $150+$12 - NLHE - $100,000
March 13th - $500+$25 - NLHE - $500,000

Sign up at Betfair using a link from PokerTips and bonus code TIP650 and enjoy a bonus that amounts to 55% rakeback on tournament entries for GSOP VI. Click here for more details.

The Weekly Shuffle is our Sunday column with our observations and commentary on the poker world. Have an idea for an article? Leave a suggestion on the feedback page.


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