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Interview: Harold Lederman

THE WEEKLY SHUFFLE, 2011-08-07, by Ozone, TwoGun

Age: 47
Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada and Ireland
Best Known For: Founding Full Pimp Poker, Eating

This week, we've secured a rare public interview with Full Pimp Poker figurehead Harold Lederman. Harold was kind enough to meet up with us at the local Golden Corral to answer a few questions, provided we picked up the buffet tab. On behalf of our readers, we obliged.

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PokerTips.org: Mr. Lederman, how would you say Full Pimp Poker's current financial woes came to be?

Lederman: Oh good they've got the cheesecake pancakes again today.

PokerTips.org: Umm... Mr. Lederman... we were talking about Full Pimp's financial situation.

Lederman: Oh... yea... well you know... we loaned some money to some pros and hoes. I thought they were winning players and would pay us back and stuff. But you know how it goes...

PokerTips.org: To be honest, not really sir. So Full Pimp was loaning company dollars out to players?

Lederman: Wow I think I hit the perfect ratio of Dr. Pepper and Orange Slice in this drink. Want to try it?

PokerTips.org: Hmm, no thanks. So what happened to this money Full Pimp loaned out?

Lederman: Heh... let's just say there's a reason these casino stocks have been doing well during a recession. One of our guys has a weee bit of a craps problem, but we had to keep loaning him money to prop up the image that he's the Michael Jordan of poker and not a broke degenerate douchebag.

PokerTips.org: Hmm, I see. So with Full Pimp's current problems, have you felt any anxiety with regards to public appearances? How do you think people who are owed money by Full Pimp Poker feel when they see you riding around in a $150,000 car and acting aloof?

Lederman: You do know I'm The Lecturer of Poker, right? The only thing I have to worry about in public is too many autograph requests!

PokerTips.org: It's been rumored that Full Pimp Poker had an offer on the table which would have recapitalized it and allowed it to pay players out fully. However, the owners at Full Pimp Poker rejected it since they wanted more money. In hindsight, it seems you should have take taken the deal if there was one. Any comments?

Lederman: You want Full Pimp? I can get you Full Pimp. You gotta pay 800 mirrion dollars though. Me and my boys have decided that's how much the company is worth.

PokerTips.org: Sir, I'm not interested, I was just asking you to address a widely circulated rumor.

Lederman: If you don't want the pot, don't be asked to be dealt a hand, sir.

PokerTips.org: But sir, I'm just a reporter asking a question.

Lederman: Man these fried cheese balls are delicious. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM...

PokerTips.org: Okay, Mr. Lederman, so who are these 'boys' you're referring to?

Lederman: You know, the boys. We've got Moses, Fat Ray, E-Cat, the token black guy, we also keep Mikey and Phil around because, you know, we've got love for the special needs types too.

PokerTips.org: So the million dollar question of the moment, Mr. Lederman, is when will Full Pimp players be receiving their money?

Lederman: Hey, we've got Moses. He can split the Red Sea. Don't worry about it. You'll get your money.

PokerTips.org. Hmm... okay. But he's not the real Moses, and that doesn't really address your financial insolvency issues.

Lederman: Hey man, I'm here for the buffet, not all these pesky questions. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM...

PokerTips.org: Okay but it's just that there's a lot of people out there who would really like to know the status of their Full Pimp money. Isn't there something you can say?

Lederman: Man... who knew cheese pizza dipped in cheese sauce could be so good? Wow! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM....

The Weekly Shuffle is our Sunday column with our observations and commentary on the poker world. Have an idea for an article? Leave a suggestion on the feedback page.


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