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WSOP Results 1970-2020

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2006Championship EventJamie Gold$12,000,000
2006H.O.R.S.E.Chip Reese$1,716,000
2006Tournament of ChampionsMike Sexton$1,000,000
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Madsen$842,262
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Cabanillas$818,546
2006No Limit Hold'emMark Vos$803,274
2006No Limit Hold'emJames Gorham$765,226
2006No Limit Hold'emBrandon Cantu$757,839
2006No Limit Hold'emMax Pescatori$682,389
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Madsen$660,948
2006Pot Limit OmahaLee Watkinson$655,746
2006No Limit Hold'emMats Rahmn$655,141
2006No Limit Hold'emJustin Scott$643,381
2006No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$631,863
2006No Limit Hold'emAllen Cunningham$625,830
2006No Limit Hold'emJason Lester$550,746
2006No Limit Hold'emJon Friedberg$526,185
2006Short-handed No LimitRuss Boyd$475,712
2006No Limit Hold'emBill Chen$442,511
2006Deuce to Seven DrawDaniel Alaei$430,698
2006Omaha Hi-LoSam Farha$398,560
2006Pot Limit Hold'emJohn Gale$374,849
2006Pot Limit Hold'emRafe Furst$345,984
2006Limit Hold'emWilliam 'Bill' Chen$343,618
2006Omaha Hi-LoJack Zwerner$341,426
2006Limit Hold'emKianoush Abolfathi$335,289
2006Pot Limit Hold'emEric Kesselman$311,403
2006Omaha Hi-LoScott Clements$301,175
2006Pot Limit OmahaEric Froehlich$299,675
2006Limit Hold'emIan Johns$291,755
2006Limit Hold'emBob Chalmers$258,344
2006Seven-Card StudBenjamin Lin$256,620
2006Seniors ChampionshipClare Miller$247,814
2006No Limit Hold'emDavid Pham$240,222
2006Ladies ChampionshipMary Jones$236,094
2006Pot Limit OmahaRalph Perry$207,817
2006Stud Eight or BetterPatrick Poels$172,091
2006Seven-Card StudDavid Williams$163,118
2006Limit Hold'emVictor Perches$157,338
2006RazzJames Richburg$139,576
2006Casino EmployeesChris Gros$127,616
2005Championship EventJoseph Hachem$7,500,000
2005No Limit Hold'emAllen Cunningham$725,405
2005No Limit Hold'emAndre Boyer$682,810
2005No Limit Hold'emT. J. Cloutier$657,100
2005Pot Limit Omaha with Re-buysPhil Ivey$630,685
2005No Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$611,795
2005No Limit Hold'emMark Seif$611,145
2005No Limit Hold'em with Re-buysJon Heneghan$611,015
2005No Limit Hold'emFarzad 'Freddy' Bonyadi$594,960
2005No Limit Hold'em with Re-buysMike Gracz$594,460
2005Pot Limit OmahaRafi Amit$511,835
2005No Limit Hold'emLawrence Gosney$483,195
2005Limit Hold'emDan Schmiech$404,585
2005Pot Limit Omaha with Re-buysJosh Arieh$381,600
2005Pot Limit Hold'emBrian Wilson$370,685
2005Pot Limit Hold'emThom Werthmann$369,535
2005No Limit Hold'em (Six-Handed)Doyle Brunson$367,800
2005Deuce to Seven with Re-buysDavid Grey$365,135
2005Limit Hold'emEric Froehlich$361,910
2005Omaha Hi-LoDavid Chiu$347,410
2005Limit Hold'emTodd 'Dan Druff' Witteles$347,385
2005No Limit Hold'emRon Kirk$321,520
2005No Limit Hold'em Shootout (Six-Handed)Isaac 'The General' Galazan$315,125
2005Limit Hold'emReza Payvar$303,610
2005Pot Limit Hold'emJohnny Chan$303,025
2005Pot Limit Hold'emEdward Moncada$298,070
2005Seven-Card StudJan Sorensen$293,275
2005Omaha Hi-LoPat Poels$270,100
2005No Limit Hold'em ShootoutAnthony Reategui$269,100
2005Limit Hold'emQuinn Do$265,975
2005Omaha Hi-LoTodd Brunson$255,945
2005No Limit Hold'emJohn Pirez$220,935
2005Seniors No Limit Hold'emPaul McKinney$202,725
2005Seven-Card StudCliff 'Bax' Josephy$192,150
2005No Limit Hold'emWillie Tann$188,335
2005Limit Hold'em ShootoutMark Seif$181,330
2005Seven-Card Stud 8bDenis Ethier$160,682
2005Women's ChampionshipJennifer Tilly$158,335
2005Seven-Card Stud 8bSteve Hohn$156,985
2005Pot Limit Hold'emBarry Greenstein$128,505
2005RazzO'Neil Longson$125,690
2005Employees EventAndy Nguyen$83,390
2004Championship EventGreg 'Fossilman' Raymer$5,000,000
2004No Limit Hold'emMike Sica$503,160
2004Pot Limit OmahaTed Lawson$500,000
2004No Limit Hold'emJames Vogl$400,000
2004No Limit Hold'emThomas 'Thunder' Keller$382,020
2004No Limit Hold'emGerry Drehobl$365,900
2004Limit Hold'emJohn Hennigan$325,360
2004No Limit Hold'emTed Forrest$300,300
2004No Limit Hold'emScott Fischman$300,000
2004Deuce to Seven DrawBarry Greenstein$296,200
2004Pot Limit Hold'emGavin Griffin$270,420
2004Limit Hold'emAaron Katz$234,940
2004Seven-Card StudJoe Awada$221,000
2004Pot Limit OmahaChau Giang$187,920
2004Omaha Hi-LoBrett Jungblut$187,720
2004Pot Limit Hold'emAntonio Esfandiari$184,860
2004No Limit Hold'em ShootoutPhi 'John' Nguyen$180,000
2004Limit Hold'emEli Balas$174,440
2004Limit Hold'emDaniel Negreanu$169,100
2004Omaha Hi-LoCurtis Bibb$160,000
2004Pot Limit Hold'emMinh Nguyen$155,420
2004Omaha Hi-LoAnnie Duke$137,860
2004Seniors No Limit Hold'emGary Gibbs$136,960
2004Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoCyndy Violette$135,900
2004Seven-Card StudTed Forrest$111,440
2004Limit Hold'em ShootoutKathy Liebert$110,180
2004H.O.R.S.E.Scott Fischman$100,200
2004Seven-Card Stud 8bHassan Habib$93,060
2004RazzT. J. Cloutier$90,500
2004Deuce to Seven Triple DrawFarzad 'Freddie' Bonyadi$86,980
2004LowballNorm Ketchum$84,500
2004Women's ChampionshipHuong Doan$58,530
2004Employees EventCarl 'Coach' Nessel$40,000
2003Championship EventChris Moneymaker$2,500,000
2003No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$410,860
2003Limit Hold'emMohamed Ihrahim$290,420
2003No Limit Hold'emJim Meehan$280,100
2003No Limit Hold'emAmir Vahedi$270,000
2003No Limit Hold'emJohnny Chan$224,400
2003No Limit Hold'emPhi Nguyen$222,800
2003Limit Hold'emJohn Arrage$178,600
2003Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$171,400
2003Pot Limit OmahaJohnny Chan$158,100
2003Deuce to Seven DrawO'Neil Longson$147,680
2003Pot Limit Hold'emMickey ApplemanPrize Unknown
2003Pot Limit OmahaErik Seidel$146,100
2003Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohn Juanda$130,200
2003Seniors No Limit Hold'emRon Rose$130,060
2003Omaha Hi-LoChris Ferguson$123,680
2003Omaha Hi-LoLayne Flack$119,260
2003Pot Limit Hold'emPrahlad Friedman$109,400
2003Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMinh Nguyen$106,020
2003S.H.O.E.Daniel Negreanu$100,440
2003Seven-Card StudToto Leonidas$98,760
2003Seven-Card StudMichael Saltzburg$95,580
2003H.O.R.S.E.Doyle Brunson$84,080
2003Half Limit Hold'em - Half StudChris Ferguson$66,220
2003Limit OmahaEddie Scharf$63,600
2003Employees EventDavid Lukaszewski$35,800
2002Championship EventRobert Varkonyi$2,000,000
2002Limit Hold'emMike Majerus$407,120
2002No Limit Hold'emRandall Heeb$367,240
2002No Limit Hold'emLayne Flack$303,880
2002No Limit Hold'emLayne Flack$268,020
2002Limit Hold'emJennifer Harman$212,440
2002Pot Limit OmahaRobert Williamson III$201,160
2002Pot Limit Hold'emFred Berger$197,400
2002Pot Limit OmahaJack Duncan$192,560
2002Limit Hold'emMeng La$190,920
2002Pot Limit OmahaJan Hansen$185,000
2002Pot Limit Hold'emJohn McIntosh$177,380
2002Omaha Hi-LoPerry Friedman$176,860
2002Limit Hold'emJohn Hom$174,840
2002Seven-Card StudMorad Qushqar$172,960
2002Deuce to Seven DrawAllen Cunningham$160,200
2002Pot Limit Hold'emJay Sipelstein$150,240
2002Omaha Hi-LoMike Matusow$148,520
2002Omaha8Eddie Fishman$135,360
2002Seniors ChampionshipBill Swan$134,000
2002Seven-Card StudPhil Ivey$132,000
2002Seven-Card Stud 8bEskimo Clark$125,200
2002Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoPhilip Ivey$118,440
2002H.O.R.S.E.John Hennigan$117,320
2002Seven-Card StudDan Torla$115,600
2002Half Hold'em - Half StudDan Heimiller$108,300
2002S.H.O.E.Phil Ivey$107,540
2002Limit Hold'em ShootoutJoel Chaseman$96,400
2002Limit Omaha'Miami' John Cernuto$73,320
2002RazzBilly Baxter$64,860
2002Ace to Five DrawThor Hansen$62,600
2002Triple Draw LowballJohn Juanda$49,620
2002Employees EventDavid Warga$47,300
2002Women's ChampionshipCatherine Brown$39,880
2002Match PlayJohnny Chan$0
2001Championship EventCarlos Mortensen$1,500,000
2001Limit Hold'emNani Dollison$441,440
2001No Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$411,300
2001No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$316,550
2001Limit Hold'emHemish Shah$312,340
2001Pot Limit Hold'emSteve Zolotow$243,335
2001Limit Hold'emJim Lester$233,490
2001Omaha8Scotty Nguyen$207,580
2001Seven-Card StudAllen Cunningham$201,760
2001Pot Limit Hold'emBurt Boutin$193,800
2001Pot Limit OmahaScotty Nguyen$178,480
2001Omaha Hi-LoBob Slezak$173,625
2001Pot Limit OmahaGalen Kester$167,035
2001Deuce to Seven DrawHoward Lederer$165,870
2001Omaha Hi-LoChris Ferguson$164,735
2001Seven-Card StudAdam Roberts$164,430
2001Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRich Korbin$159,080
2001Seven-Card StudPaul Darden$147,440
2001S.H.O.E.David Pham$140,455
2001Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBarry Shulman$123,820
2001Seniors No Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$115,430
2001Limit OmahaEduard Scharf$83,810
2001RazzBarry Johnston$83,810
2001LowballCliff Yamagawa$73,915
2001Women's ChampionshipNani Dollison$41,130
2001Employees EventTravis Jonas$40,200
2000Championship EventChris Ferguson$1,500,000
2000Limit Hold'emTony Ma$367,040
2000No Limit Hold'emChris Bjorin$334,110
2000No Limit Hold'emDiego Cordovez$293,040
2000Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$284,000
2000Pot Limit Hold'emMike Carson$222,000
2000Limit Hold'emChris Tsiprailidis$213,600
2000Seven-Card StudDavid Chiu$202,000
2000Omaha8Howard Lederer$198,000
2000Pot Limit OmahaPhil Ivey$195,000
2000Pot Limit OmahaJohnny Chan$178,800
2000Pot Limit Hold'emJimmy Athanas$173,900
2000Omaha8Nat Koe$160,950
2000Omaha8Michael Sohayegh$160,000
2000Seven-Card StudChris 'Jesus' Ferguson$151,000
2000Deuce to Seven DrawJennifer Harman$146,250
2000Seven-Card StudJerri Thomas$135,825
2000Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJoseph Wynn$129,000
2000Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRandy Holland$120,990
2000Limit OmahaIvo Donev$85,800
2000RazzHuck Seed$77,400
2000Ace to Five DrawRichard Dunberg$76,200
2000Women's ChampionshipNani Dollison$53,200
1999Championship EventJ. J. 'Noel' Furlong$1,000,000
1999Limit Hold'emCharlie Brahmi$338,000
1999No Limit Hold'emEric Holum$283,975
1999No Limit Hold'emMike Matusow$265,475
1999Pot Limit Hold'emLayne Flack$224,400
1999Limit Hold'emEli Balas$220,000
1999Limit Hold'emJohn Esposito$219,225
1999No Limit Hold'emJosh Arieh$202,800
1999Seven-Card StudDavid Grey$199,000
1999Omaha8Steve Badger$186,000
1999Pot Limit OmahaHassan Komoei$173,000
1999Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRon Long$170,000
1999Omaha8Mike Wattel$134,865
1999Limit OmahaTom Franklin$104,000
1999RazzPaul 'Eskimo' Clark$84,610
1999Women's Seven-Card StudChristina Pie$34,000
1998Championship EventScotty Nguyen$1,000,000
1998Limit Hold'emFarzad Bonyadi$429,940
1998No Limit Hold'emKen Buntjer$268,600
1998No Limit Hold'emJeffrey Ross$259,000
1998Limit Hold'emPatrick Bruel$224,600
1998Seven-Card StudJan Chen$208,000
1998Pot Limit Hold'emSteve Rydel$206,400
1998Limit Hold'emDavid Chiu$205,200
1998Pot Limit Hold'emDaniel Negreanu$169,460
1998Pot Limit OmahaDonn ODea$154,800
1998Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$152,000
1998Omaha8Chau Giang$150,960
1998Seven-Card StudKirk Morrision$148,185
1998Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTommy Hufnagle$139,305
1998Pot Limit OmahaT. J. Cloutier$136,000
1998Omaha8Paul Rowe$133,200
1998Deuce to Seven DrawErik Seidel$132,750
1998Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBill Gempel$120,000
1998Limit OmahaMichael Shadkin$109,800
1998RazzDoyle Brunson$109,800
1998Women's Seven-Card StudMandy Commanda$40,000
1997Championship EventStu Ungar$1,000,000
1997Limit Hold'emKevin Song$397,120
1997No Limit Hold'em'Miami' John Cernuto$259,150
1997No Limit Hold'emMax Stern$237,615
1997Limit Hold'emLouis Asmo$231,600
1997Limit Hold'emRobert Veltri$224,000
1997Pot Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$204,000
1997Pot Limit OmahaMatthias Rohnacher$183,000
1997Pot Limit Hold'emDavid 'Devil Fish' Ulliott$180,310
1997Seven-Card StudMel Judah$176,000
1997Pot Limit OmahaChris Bjorin$169,200
1997Seven-Card StudVasilis Lazarou$169,000
1997Deuce to Seven DrawJohnny Chan$164,250
1997Omaha8Scotty Nguyen$156,950
1997Omaha8Deane Stonier$145,200
1997Seven-Card StudMaria Stern$140,708
1997Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoug Saab$130,305
1997Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMax Stern$117,000
1997Limit OmahaClaude Cohen$110,400
1997RazzLinda Johnson$96,000
1997Women's Seven-Card StudSusie Issacs$38,000
1996Championship EventHuck Seed$1,000,000
1996Limit Hold'emDavid Chiu$396,000
1996No Limit Hold'emMel Weiner$250,315
1996Limit Hold'emHieu 'Tony' Ma$236,000
1996No Limit Hold'emJohn Morgan$227,815
1996Limit Hold'emDonny Kerr$200,400
1996Pot Limit Hold'emBarbara Enright$180,000
1996Pot Limit OmahaJim Huntley$168,600
1996Pot Limit Hold'emAl Krux$156,375
1996Omaha8Adeeb Harb$155,815
1996Seven-Card StudGary Benson$148,200
1996Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo'Miami' John Cernuto$147,500
1996Deuce to Seven DrawFreddie Deeb$146,250
1996Pot Limit OmahaSam Farha$145,000
1996Seven-Card StudMarty Sigel$144,000
1996Seven-Card StudHenry Orenstein$130,000
1996Omaha8Men 'The Master' Nguyen$110,000
1996Limit OmahaDody Roach$102,600
1996Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoFrank Thompson$94,000
1996RazzRandy Holland$87,000
1996Ace to Five DrawHans 'Tuna' Lund$71,400
1996Chinese PokerJim Feldhouse$50,000
1996Women's Seven-Card StudSusie Issacs$42,000
1996Chinese PokerGregory Grivas$37,200
1995Championship EventDan Harrington$1,000,000
1995Limit Hold'emChristian Vanhees$315,000
1995No Limit Hold'emDan Harrington$249,000
1995No Limit Hold'emRichard Klamian$205,875
1995Limit Hold'emMen 'The Master' Nguyen$186,000
1995Pot Limit Hold'emHilbert Shirey$163,000
1995Seven-Card StudAnthony Deangelo$154,000
1995Pot Limit Hold'emPeter Vilandos$148,500
1995Seven-Card StudWalter Farina$144,600
1995Pot Limit OmahaPhillip 'Doc' Earle$143,400
1995Omaha8Max Stern$140,400
1995Seven-Card StudDan Robison$140,000
1995Pot Limit OmahaHilbert Shirey$137,000
1995Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRod Peate$127,200
1995Omaha8Marlon Santos$119,000
1995Chinese PokerSteve Zolotow$112,500
1995Deuce to Seven DrawJohn Bonetti$101,250
1995Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMen 'The Master' Nguyen$96,000
1995Limit OmahaBerry Johnston$91,200
1995RazzMickey Sisskind$82,800
1995Ace to Five DrawClifford Roof$81,600
1995Chinese PokerJohn Tsagaris$41,400
1995Women's Seven-Card StudStarla Brodie$35,200
1994Championship EventRuss Hamilton$1,000,000
1994Limit Hold'emSteven Sim$289,200
1994Limit Hold'emMickey Appleman$234,000
1994No Limit Hold'emJohn Heaney$220,000
1994Limit Hold'emMike Laing$212,000
1994Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$210,000
1994No Limit Hold'emGeorge Rodis$187,800
1994Pot Limit OmahaHuck Seed$167,000
1994Pot Limit Hold'emT. J. Cloutier$163,000
1994Pot Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$148,200
1994Seven-Card StudRoger Moore$144,000
1994Seven-Card StudJohnny Chan$135,600
1994Omaha8T. J. Cloutier$135,000
1994Seven-Card StudRod Pardey$132,000
1994Deuce to Seven DrawLyle Berman$128,250
1994Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoVince Burgio$127,200
1994Omaha8J. C. Pearson$103,000
1994Pot Limit OmahaO'Neil Longson$100,800
1994Ace to Five DrawJ. J. Chun$93,000
1994RazzMike Hart$88,800
1994Limit OmahaBrent Carter$83,400
1994Women's Seven-Card StudBarbara Enright$38,400
1993Championship EventJim Bechtel$1,000,000
1993Limit Hold'emHugo Mieth$220,800
1993No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$173,000
1993No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$161,400
1993Limit Hold'emHumberto Brenes$149,000
1993Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$138,000
1993Deuce to Seven DrawBilly Baxter$130,500
1993Pot Limit OmahaHumberto Brenes$128,000
1993Pot Limit Hold'emJohn Bonetti$122,400
1993Omaha8Ted Forrest$120,000
1993Seven-Card StudTed Forrest$114,000
1993Pot Limit Hold'emHamid Dastmalchi$114,000
1993Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoGene Fisher$113,400
1993Seven-Card StudMarty Sigel$113,000
1993Seven-Card StudRobert Turner$103,900
1993Omaha8Erik Seidel$94,000
1993Pot Limit OmahaBuddy Bonnecaze$83,400
1993Ace to Five DrawChau Giang$82,800
1993RazzTed Forrest$77,400
1993Limit OmahaJack Keller$61,800
1993Women's Seven-Card StudPhyllis Kassler$32,800
1992Championship EventHamid Dastmalchi$1,000,000
1992Limit Hold'emBob Abell$226,800
1992No Limit Hold'emLyle Berman$192,000
1992Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$188,000
1992Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$168,000
1992No Limit Hold'emLance Straughn$152,400
1992Pot Limit Hold'emKen Duggan$134,000
1992Omaha8Eli Balas$122,400
1992Seven-Card StudPaul 'Eskimo' Clark$122,000
1992Seven-Card StudMen 'The Master' Nguyen$120,600
1992Deuce to Seven DrawMickey Appleman$119,250
1992Pot Limit Hold'emBuddy Bonnecaze$115,800
1992Seven-Card StudRay Rumler$106,000
1992Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRick Steiner$105,000
1992Women's Seven-Card StudShari Flanzer$98,000
1992Pot Limit OmahaHoyt Corkins$96,000
1992Ace to Five DrawDal Derovin$90,000
1992Pot Limit OmahaBilly Thomas$81,000
1992RazzLamar Hampton$80,400
1992Limit OmahaTom McEvoy$79,200
1991Championship EventBrad Daugherty$1,000,000
1991Limit Hold'emMax Lendel$256,200
1991Limit Hold'emCowboy Wolford$210,000
1991No Limit Hold'emDoyle Brunson$208,000
1991Limit Hold'emRon Stanley$203,000
1991No Limit Hold'emBrent Carter$156,800
1991Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$148,400
1991Seven-Card StudThomas Chung$142,000
1991Seven-Card StudRod Pardey$133,600
1991Pot Limit OmahaJay Heimowitz$126,000
1991Omaha8Joe Becker$119,400
1991Ace to Five DrawPat Flanagan$106,800
1991Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMike Hart$106,200
1991Limit OmahaPhil Heinrich$92,400
1991RazzCharles Wright$92,000
1991Pot Limit OmahaAn Tran$87,600
1991Deuce to Seven DrawJohn Spadavecchia$58,500
1991Women's Seven-Card StudDonna Ward$28,200
1990Championship EventMansour Matloubi$895,000
1990No Limit Hold'emAllen Baker$280,000
1990Limit Hold'emBerry Johnston$254,000
1990Limit Hold'emMike Hart$252,000
1990Seven-Card StudHugh Todd$168,000
1990Seven-Card StudVasillis Lazarou$158,400
1990Pot Limit OmahaAmarillo Slim Preston$142,000
1990Ace to Five DrawPhil Reher$124,200
1990Omaha8Monte Kous$113,400
1990Pot Limit OmahaShawqui Shunnarah$113,400
1990RazzRay Rumler$111,600
1990Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoNorman Boulus$108,600
1990Limit OmahaTony Stormzand$106,800
1990Deuce to Seven DrawJohn Bonetti$83,250
1990Women's Seven-Card StudMarie Gabert$22,000
1989Championship EventPhil Hellmuth$755,000
1989No Limit Hold'emNorman Keyser$244,000
1989Limit Hold'emThomas Chung$212,000
1989Pot Limit OmahaFrank Henderson$184,000
1989Limit Hold'emGeorge Shaw$179,600
1989Seven-Card StudDon Holt$154,000
1989Deuce to Seven DrawBob Stupak$139,500
1989Seven-Card StudMel Judah$130,800
1989Ace to Five DrawHarry Madoff$119,400
1989Limit OmahaLyle Berman$108,600
1989Pot Limit OmahaBlacky Blackburn$108,000
1989Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMike Sexton$104,400
1989RazzJohn Laudon$95,400
1989Women's Seven-Card StudAlma McClelland$18,600
1988Championship EventJohnny Chan$700,000
1988Limit Hold'emVal Carpenter$223,800
1988No Limit Hold'emRuss Gibe$181,800
1988Pot Limit OmahaGilbert Gross$181,000
1988Seven-Card StudThor Hansen$158,000
1988Deuce to Seven DrawSeymour Leibowitz$157,500
1988Seven-Card StudMerrill Hunt$130,200
1988Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoLance Hilt$123,600
1988Ace to Five DrawJohnny Moss$116,400
1988Limit OmahaDavid Helms$91,200
1988RazzDon Williams$76,800
1988Women's Seven-Card StudLoretta Huber$17,000
1987Championship EventJohnny Chan$625,000
1987Limit Hold'emRalph Morton$189,000
1987Pot Limit OmahaHal Kant$174,000
1987No Limit Hold'emHilbert Shirey$171,600
1987Deuce to Seven DrawBilly Baxter$153,000
1987Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$142,000
1987Seven-Card StudJim Craig$103,600
1987Ace to Five DrawRobert Addison$96,400
1987Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJoe Petro$93,200
1987Limit OmahaT. J. Cloutier$72,000
1987RazzCarl Rouss$65,200
1987Women's Seven-Card StudLinda Ryke-Drucker$16,800
1986Championship EventBerry Johnston$570,000
1986Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$175,800
1986No Limit Hold'emHamid Dastmalchi$165,000
1986Deuce to Seven DrawRon Graham$142,000
1986Pot Limit OmahaDavid Baxter$127,000
1986Ace to Five DrawJ. B. Randall$69,200
1986RazzTom McEvoy$52,400
1986Limit OmahaJim Allen$48,400
1986Women's Seven-Card StudBarbara Enright$16,400
1985Championship EventBill Smith$700,000
1985Limit Hold'emJohnny Chan$171,000
1985No Limit Hold'emRick Hamil$152,000
1985Seven-Card StudHarry Thomas$122,500
1985Pot Limit OmahaZoran Smiijanic$105,000
1985Deuce to Seven DrawTom Flecher$95,000
1985Seven-Card StudDon Williams$85,500
1985Pot Limit OmahaAmarillo Slim Preston$85,000
1985RazzEd Wyde$83,500
1985Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTom Fischer$73,600
1985Ace to Five DrawMark Mitchell$63,500
1985Limit OmahaTony Thang$55,500
1985Ace to Five DrawDick Carson$50,000
1985Women's Seven-Card StudRose Pifer$18,500
1984Championship EventJack Keller$660,000
1984Seven-Card StudJack Keller$137,500
1984Limit Hold'emBob Martinez$135,000
1984Pot Limit OmahaDewey Tomko$135,000
1984No Limit Hold'emTodd Baur$133,500
1984No Limit Hold'emDick Albano$117,000
1984Deuce to Seven DrawDewey Tomko$105,000
1984Pot Limit OmahaWilliam Bennett$84,000
1984Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohn Lukas$74,500
1984Seven-Card StudMike Schnieberg$65,000
1984Ace to Five DrawPaul Fontaine$54,500
1984Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoNorman Berliner$50,000
1984RazzMike Hart$40,000
1984Women's Seven-Card StudKaren Wolfson$15,500
1983Championship EventTom McEvoy$580,000
1983No Limit Hold'emDavid Baxter$145,500
1983No Limit Hold'emBuster Jackson$124,000
1983Limit Hold'emTom McEvoy$117,000
1983Seven-Card StudStu Ungar$110,000
1983Seven-Card StudKenny 'Skyhawk' Flaton$62,000
1983Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoArtie Cobb$52,000
1983Ace to Five DrawD. Todd$49,500
1983Ace to Five DrawDavid Angel$46,250
1983RazzJohn Lukas$43,000
1983Match PlayBerry Johnston$40,000
1983Limit OmahaDavid Sklansky$25,500
1983Women's Seven-Card StudCarolyn Gardner$16,000
1983Mixed DoublesJim Doman$10,000
1983Mixed DoublesDonna Doman$10,000
1982Championship EventJack Strauss$520,000
1982No Limit Hold'emRalph Morton$123,000
1982No Limit Hold'emJohn Paquette$101,000
1982No Limit Hold'emJim Doman$96,000
1982Deuce to Seven DrawBilly Baxter$95,000
1982Seven-Card StudChip Reese$92,500
1982Seven-Card StudDon Williams$56,000
1982Ace to Five DrawBilly Baxter$48,750
1982Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTom Cress$44,000
1982RazzNick Helm$40,000
1982Ace to Five DrawVera Richmond$38,500
1982Women's Seven-Card StudJune Field$16,000
1982Draw HighDavid Sklansky$15,500
1982Mixed DoublesDavid Sklansky$8,800
1982Mixed DoublesDani Kelly$8,800
1981Championship EventStu Ungar$375,000
1981No Limit Hold'emFred David$96,000
1981Deuce to Seven DrawStu Ungar$95,000
1981No Limit Hold'emEd Schwettman$90,000
1981No Limit Hold'emDody Roach$81,000
1981Seven-Card StudA. J. Myers$67,500
1981Seven-Card StudSid 'The Kid' Gammerman$52,000
1981Ace to Five DrawMickey Perry$46,250
1981Ace to Five DrawGlen Rodgers$44,000
1981RazzBruce Hershenson$34,500
1981Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohnny Moss$33,500
1981Draw HighEd Barmach$18,000
1981Women's Seven-Card StudRuth Godfrey$17,600
1981Mixed DoublesJuanda Matthews$7,800
1981Mixed DoublesFrank Cardone$7,800
1980Championship EventStu Ungar$385,000
1980Deuce to Seven DrawSarge Ferris$150,000
1980Limit Hold'emGene Fisher$113,400
1980Seven-Card StudPete Christ$90,000
1980No Limit Hold'emRobert Bone$69,000
1980Seven-Card StudBobby Schwing$52,800
1980Ace to Five DrawJim Fugatti$35,600
1980RazzLakewood Louie$33,600
1980Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMickey Appleman$30,800
1980Draw HighPat Callihan$15,600
1980Women's Seven-Card StudDebby Callihan$14,888
1980Mixed DoublesLynn Harvey$7,380
1980Mixed DoublesA. J. Myers$7,380
1979Championship EventHal Fowler$270,000
1979Deuce to Seven DrawBobby Baldwin$90,000
1979No Limit Hold'emPerry Green$76,500
1979Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$48,000
1979No Limit Hold'emDewey Tomko$48,000
1979Seven-Card StudBones Berland$24,000
1979Draw HighLakewood Louie$22,800
1979RazzSam Mastrogiannis$22,200
1979Ace to Five DrawLakewood Louie$22,200
1979Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBones Berland$20,400
1979Women's Seven-Card StudBarbara Freer$12,720
1979Mixed DoublesDoyle Brunson$4,500
1979Mixed DoublesStarla Brodie$4,500
1978Championship EventBobby Baldwin$210,000
1978Deuce to Seven DrawBilly Baxter$90,000
1978Seven-Card StudDoyle Brunson$68,000
1978No Limit Hold'emHans 'Tuna' Lund$46,800
1978No Limit Hold'emAubrey Day$42,600
1978Draw HighLakewood Louie$21,000
1978RazzBones Berland$19,200
1978Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoChip Reese$19,200
1978Ace to Five DrawHenry Young$19,200
1978Seven-Card StudBones Berland$17,100
1978Women's Seven-Card StudTerry King$10,080
1977Championship EventDoyle Brunson$340,000 (Voted Champion)
1977Deuce to Seven DrawBobby Baldwin$80,000
1977Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoyle Brunson$62,500
1977Seven-Card StudBobby Baldwin$44,000
1977No Limit Hold'emLouis Hunsucker$34,200
1977No Limit Hold'emGeorge Huber$33,000
1977RazzRichard Schwartz$25,000
1977Seven-Card StudJeff Sandow$11,400
1977Ace to Five DrawBilly Allen$10,800
1977Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoFats Morgan$10,800
1977Ace to Five DrawPerry Green$10,000
1977RazzBones Berland$8,300
1977Women's Seven-Card StudJackie McDaniels$5,580
1976Championship EventDoyle Brunson$220,000
1976Deuce to Seven DrawDoyle Brunson$80,250
1976Ace to Five DrawPerry Green$68,300
1976Seven-Card StudWalter Smiley$35,000
1976No Limit Hold'emHoward 'Tahoe' Andrew$28,000
1976No Limit Hold'emHoward 'Tahoe' Andrew$23,600
1976Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$13,000
1976Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoc Green$12,750
1975Championship EventSailor Roberts$210,000
1975Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$44,000
1975Deuce to Seven DrawBilly Baxter$35,000
1975No Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$32,000
1975RazzSam Angel$17,000
1974Championship EventJohnny Moss$160,000
1974Seven-Card StudJimmy Casella$41,225
1974Five-Card StudBill Boyd$40,000
1974Deuce to Seven DrawSailor Roberts$35,850
1974RazzJimmy Casella$25,000
1974No Limit Hold'emAmarillo Slim Preston$11,100
1973Championship EventPuggy Pearson$130,000
1973Seven-Card StudPuggy Pearson$32,000
1973RazzSam Angel$32,000
1973No Limit Hold'emPuggy Pearson$17,000
1973Deuce to Seven DrawAubrey Day$16,500
1973Deuce to Seven DrawJack Strauss$16,500
1972Championship EventAmarillo Slim Preston$80,000
1972Five-Card StudBill Boyd$20,000
1971Championship EventJohnny Moss$30,000
1970Championship EventJohnny Moss$0

All bracelet winners - Champions only

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