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Limit Hold'em

WSOP Results

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2006Limit Hold'emWilliam 'Bill' Chen$343,618
2006Limit Hold'emKianoush Abolfathi$335,289
2006Limit Hold'emIan Johns$291,755
2006Limit Hold'emBob Chalmers$258,344
2006Limit Hold'emVictor Perches$157,338
2005Limit Hold'emDan Schmiech$404,585
2005Limit Hold'emEric Froehlich$361,910
2005Limit Hold'emTodd 'Dan Druff' Witteles$347,385
2005Limit Hold'emReza Payvar$303,610
2005Limit Hold'emQuinn Do$265,975
2004Limit Hold'emJohn Hennigan$325,360
2004Limit Hold'emAaron Katz$234,940
2004Limit Hold'emEli Balas$174,440
2004Limit Hold'emDaniel Negreanu$169,100
2003Limit Hold'emMohamed Ihrahim$290,420
2003Limit Hold'emJohn Arrage$178,600
2003Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$171,400
2002Limit Hold'emMike Majerus$407,120
2002Limit Hold'emJennifer Harman$212,440
2002Limit Hold'emMeng La$190,920
2002Limit Hold'emJohn Hom$174,840
2001Limit Hold'emNani Dollison$441,440
2001Limit Hold'emHemish Shah$312,340
2001Limit Hold'emJim Lester$233,490
2000Limit Hold'emTony Ma$367,040
2000Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$284,000
2000Limit Hold'emChris Tsiprailidis$213,600
1999Limit Hold'emCharlie Brahmi$338,000
1999Limit Hold'emEli Balas$220,000
1999Limit Hold'emJohn Esposito$219,225
1998Limit Hold'emFarzad Bonyadi$429,940
1998Limit Hold'emPatrick Bruel$224,600
1998Limit Hold'emDavid Chiu$205,200
1997Limit Hold'emKevin Song$397,120
1997Limit Hold'emLouis Asmo$231,600
1997Limit Hold'emRobert Veltri$224,000
1996Limit Hold'emDavid Chiu$396,000
1996Limit Hold'emHieu 'Tony' Ma$236,000
1996Limit Hold'emDonny Kerr$200,400
1995Limit Hold'emChristian Vanhees$315,000
1995Limit Hold'emMen 'The Master' Nguyen$186,000
1994Limit Hold'emSteven Sim$289,200
1994Limit Hold'emMickey Appleman$234,000
1994Limit Hold'emMike Laing$212,000
1994Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$210,000
1993Limit Hold'emHugo Mieth$220,800
1993Limit Hold'emHumberto Brenes$149,000
1993Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$138,000
1992Limit Hold'emBob Abell$226,800
1992Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$188,000
1992Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$168,000
1991Limit Hold'emMax Lendel$256,200
1991Limit Hold'emCowboy Wolford$210,000
1991Limit Hold'emRon Stanley$203,000
1990Limit Hold'emBerry Johnston$254,000
1990Limit Hold'emMike Hart$252,000
1989Limit Hold'emThomas Chung$212,000
1989Limit Hold'emGeorge Shaw$179,600
1988Limit Hold'emVal Carpenter$223,800
1987Limit Hold'emRalph Morton$189,000
1986Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$175,800
1985Limit Hold'emJohnny Chan$171,000
1984Limit Hold'emBob Martinez$135,000
1983Limit Hold'emTom McEvoy$117,000
1980Limit Hold'emGene Fisher$113,400

All bracelet winners - Champions only

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