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No Limit Hold'em

WSOP Results

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Madsen$842,262
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Cabanillas$818,546
2006No Limit Hold'emMark Vos$803,274
2006No Limit Hold'emJames Gorham$765,226
2006No Limit Hold'emBrandon Cantu$757,839
2006No Limit Hold'emMax Pescatori$682,389
2006No Limit Hold'emJeff Madsen$660,948
2006No Limit Hold'emMats Rahmn$655,141
2006No Limit Hold'emJustin Scott$643,381
2006No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$631,863
2006No Limit Hold'emAllen Cunningham$625,830
2006No Limit Hold'emJason Lester$550,746
2006No Limit Hold'emJon Friedberg$526,185
2006No Limit Hold'emBill Chen$442,511
2006No Limit Hold'emDavid Pham$240,222
2005No Limit Hold'emAllen Cunningham$725,405
2005No Limit Hold'emAndre Boyer$682,810
2005No Limit Hold'emT. J. Cloutier$657,100
2005No Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$611,795
2005No Limit Hold'emMark Seif$611,145
2005No Limit Hold'emFarzad 'Freddy' Bonyadi$594,960
2005No Limit Hold'emLawrence Gosney$483,195
2005No Limit Hold'emRon Kirk$321,520
2005No Limit Hold'emJohn Pirez$220,935
2005No Limit Hold'emWillie Tann$188,335
2004No Limit Hold'emMike Sica$503,160
2004No Limit Hold'emJames Vogl$400,000
2004No Limit Hold'emThomas 'Thunder' Keller$382,020
2004No Limit Hold'emGerry Drehobl$365,900
2004No Limit Hold'emTed Forrest$300,300
2004No Limit Hold'emScott Fischman$300,000
2003No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$410,860
2003No Limit Hold'emJim Meehan$280,100
2003No Limit Hold'emAmir Vahedi$270,000
2003No Limit Hold'emJohnny Chan$224,400
2003No Limit Hold'emPhi Nguyen$222,800
2002No Limit Hold'emRandall Heeb$367,240
2002No Limit Hold'emLayne Flack$303,880
2002No Limit Hold'emLayne Flack$268,020
2001No Limit Hold'emErik Seidel$411,300
2001No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$316,550
2000No Limit Hold'emChris Bjorin$334,110
2000No Limit Hold'emDiego Cordovez$293,040
1999No Limit Hold'emEric Holum$283,975
1999No Limit Hold'emMike Matusow$265,475
1999No Limit Hold'emJosh Arieh$202,800
1998No Limit Hold'emKen Buntjer$268,600
1998No Limit Hold'emJeffrey Ross$259,000
1997No Limit Hold'em'Miami' John Cernuto$259,150
1997No Limit Hold'emMax Stern$237,615
1996No Limit Hold'emMel Weiner$250,315
1996No Limit Hold'emJohn Morgan$227,815
1995No Limit Hold'emDan Harrington$249,000
1995No Limit Hold'emRichard Klamian$205,875
1994No Limit Hold'emJohn Heaney$220,000
1994No Limit Hold'emGeorge Rodis$187,800
1993No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$173,000
1993No Limit Hold'emPhil Hellmuth$161,400
1992No Limit Hold'emLyle Berman$192,000
1992No Limit Hold'emLance Straughn$152,400
1991No Limit Hold'emDoyle Brunson$208,000
1991No Limit Hold'emBrent Carter$156,800
1990No Limit Hold'emAllen Baker$280,000
1989No Limit Hold'emNorman Keyser$244,000
1988No Limit Hold'emRuss Gibe$181,800
1987No Limit Hold'emHilbert Shirey$171,600
1986No Limit Hold'emHamid Dastmalchi$165,000
1985No Limit Hold'emRick Hamil$152,000
1984No Limit Hold'emTodd Baur$133,500
1984No Limit Hold'emDick Albano$117,000
1983No Limit Hold'emDavid Baxter$145,500
1983No Limit Hold'emBuster Jackson$124,000
1982No Limit Hold'emRalph Morton$123,000
1982No Limit Hold'emJohn Paquette$101,000
1982No Limit Hold'emJim Doman$96,000
1981No Limit Hold'emFred David$96,000
1981No Limit Hold'emEd Schwettman$90,000
1981No Limit Hold'emDody Roach$81,000
1980No Limit Hold'emRobert Bone$69,000
1979No Limit Hold'emPerry Green$76,500
1979No Limit Hold'emDewey Tomko$48,000
1978No Limit Hold'emHans 'Tuna' Lund$46,800
1978No Limit Hold'emAubrey Day$42,600
1977No Limit Hold'emLouis Hunsucker$34,200
1977No Limit Hold'emGeorge Huber$33,000
1976No Limit Hold'emHoward 'Tahoe' Andrew$28,000
1976No Limit Hold'emHoward 'Tahoe' Andrew$23,600
1975No Limit Hold'emJay Heimowitz$32,000
1974No Limit Hold'emAmarillo Slim Preston$11,100
1973No Limit Hold'emPuggy Pearson$17,000

All bracelet winners - Champions only

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