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Pot Limit Omaha

WSOP Results

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2006Pot Limit OmahaLee Watkinson$655,746
2006Pot Limit OmahaEric Froehlich$299,675
2006Pot Limit OmahaRalph Perry$207,817
2005Pot Limit OmahaRafi Amit$511,835
2004Pot Limit OmahaTed Lawson$500,000
2004Pot Limit OmahaChau Giang$187,920
2003Pot Limit OmahaJohnny Chan$158,100
2003Pot Limit OmahaErik Seidel$146,100
2002Pot Limit OmahaRobert Williamson III$201,160
2002Pot Limit OmahaJack Duncan$192,560
2002Pot Limit OmahaJan Hansen$185,000
2001Pot Limit OmahaScotty Nguyen$178,480
2001Pot Limit OmahaGalen Kester$167,035
2000Pot Limit OmahaPhil Ivey$195,000
2000Pot Limit OmahaJohnny Chan$178,800
1999Pot Limit OmahaHassan Komoei$173,000
1998Pot Limit OmahaDonn ODea$154,800
1998Pot Limit OmahaT. J. Cloutier$136,000
1997Pot Limit OmahaMatthias Rohnacher$183,000
1997Pot Limit OmahaChris Bjorin$169,200
1996Pot Limit OmahaJim Huntley$168,600
1996Pot Limit OmahaSam Farha$145,000
1995Pot Limit OmahaPhillip 'Doc' Earle$143,400
1995Pot Limit OmahaHilbert Shirey$137,000
1994Pot Limit OmahaHuck Seed$167,000
1994Pot Limit OmahaO'Neil Longson$100,800
1993Pot Limit OmahaHumberto Brenes$128,000
1993Pot Limit OmahaBuddy Bonnecaze$83,400
1992Pot Limit OmahaHoyt Corkins$96,000
1992Pot Limit OmahaBilly Thomas$81,000
1991Pot Limit OmahaJay Heimowitz$126,000
1991Pot Limit OmahaAn Tran$87,600
1990Pot Limit OmahaAmarillo Slim Preston$142,000
1990Pot Limit OmahaShawqui Shunnarah$113,400
1989Pot Limit OmahaFrank Henderson$184,000
1989Pot Limit OmahaBlacky Blackburn$108,000
1988Pot Limit OmahaGilbert Gross$181,000
1987Pot Limit OmahaHal Kant$174,000
1986Pot Limit OmahaDavid Baxter$127,000
1985Pot Limit OmahaZoran Smiijanic$105,000
1985Pot Limit OmahaAmarillo Slim Preston$85,000
1984Pot Limit OmahaDewey Tomko$135,000
1984Pot Limit OmahaWilliam Bennett$84,000

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