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Seven-Card Stud

WSOP Results

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2006Seven-Card StudBenjamin Lin$256,620
2006Seven-Card StudDavid Williams$163,118
2005Seven-Card StudJan Sorensen$293,275
2005Seven-Card StudCliff 'Bax' Josephy$192,150
2004Seven-Card StudJoe Awada$221,000
2004Seven-Card StudTed Forrest$111,440
2003Seven-Card StudToto Leonidas$98,760
2003Seven-Card StudMichael Saltzburg$95,580
2002Seven-Card StudMorad Qushqar$172,960
2002Seven-Card StudPhil Ivey$132,000
2002Seven-Card StudDan Torla$115,600
2001Seven-Card StudAllen Cunningham$201,760
2001Seven-Card StudAdam Roberts$164,430
2001Seven-Card StudPaul Darden$147,440
2000Seven-Card StudDavid Chiu$202,000
2000Seven-Card StudChris 'Jesus' Ferguson$151,000
2000Seven-Card StudJerri Thomas$135,825
1999Seven-Card StudDavid Grey$199,000
1998Seven-Card StudJan Chen$208,000
1998Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$152,000
1998Seven-Card StudKirk Morrision$148,185
1997Seven-Card StudMel Judah$176,000
1997Seven-Card StudVasilis Lazarou$169,000
1997Seven-Card StudMaria Stern$140,708
1996Seven-Card StudGary Benson$148,200
1996Seven-Card StudMarty Sigel$144,000
1996Seven-Card StudHenry Orenstein$130,000
1995Seven-Card StudAnthony Deangelo$154,000
1995Seven-Card StudWalter Farina$144,600
1995Seven-Card StudDan Robison$140,000
1994Seven-Card StudRoger Moore$144,000
1994Seven-Card StudJohnny Chan$135,600
1994Seven-Card StudRod Pardey$132,000
1993Seven-Card StudTed Forrest$114,000
1993Seven-Card StudMarty Sigel$113,000
1993Seven-Card StudRobert Turner$103,900
1992Seven-Card StudPaul 'Eskimo' Clark$122,000
1992Seven-Card StudMen 'The Master' Nguyen$120,600
1992Seven-Card StudRay Rumler$106,000
1991Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$148,400
1991Seven-Card StudThomas Chung$142,000
1991Seven-Card StudRod Pardey$133,600
1990Seven-Card StudHugh Todd$168,000
1990Seven-Card StudVasillis Lazarou$158,400
1989Seven-Card StudDon Holt$154,000
1989Seven-Card StudMel Judah$130,800
1988Seven-Card StudThor Hansen$158,000
1988Seven-Card StudMerrill Hunt$130,200
1987Seven-Card StudArtie Cobb$142,000
1987Seven-Card StudJim Craig$103,600
1985Seven-Card StudHarry Thomas$122,500
1985Seven-Card StudDon Williams$85,500
1984Seven-Card StudJack Keller$137,500
1984Seven-Card StudMike Schnieberg$65,000
1983Seven-Card StudStu Ungar$110,000
1983Seven-Card StudKenny 'Skyhawk' Flaton$62,000
1982Seven-Card StudChip Reese$92,500
1982Seven-Card StudDon Williams$56,000
1981Seven-Card StudA. J. Myers$67,500
1981Seven-Card StudSid 'The Kid' Gammerman$52,000
1980Seven-Card StudPete Christ$90,000
1980Seven-Card StudBobby Schwing$52,800
1979Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$48,000
1979Seven-Card StudBones Berland$24,000
1978Seven-Card StudDoyle Brunson$68,000
1978Seven-Card StudBones Berland$17,100
1977Seven-Card StudBobby Baldwin$44,000
1977Seven-Card StudJeff Sandow$11,400
1976Seven-Card StudWalter Smiley$35,000
1976Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$13,000
1975Seven-Card StudJohnny Moss$44,000
1974Seven-Card StudJimmy Casella$41,225
1973Seven-Card StudPuggy Pearson$32,000

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