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Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

WSOP Results

Year:      Event:

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YearEventWinnerPrize Money
2004Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoCyndy Violette$135,900
2003Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohn Juanda$130,200
2003Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMinh Nguyen$106,020
2002Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoPhilip Ivey$118,440
2001Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRich Korbin$159,080
2001Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBarry Shulman$123,820
2000Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJoseph Wynn$129,000
2000Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRandy Holland$120,990
1999Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRon Long$170,000
1998Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTommy Hufnagle$139,305
1998Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBill Gempel$120,000
1997Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoug Saab$130,305
1997Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMax Stern$117,000
1996Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo'Miami' John Cernuto$147,500
1996Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoFrank Thompson$94,000
1995Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRod Peate$127,200
1995Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMen 'The Master' Nguyen$96,000
1994Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoVince Burgio$127,200
1993Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoGene Fisher$113,400
1992Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoRick Steiner$105,000
1991Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMike Hart$106,200
1990Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoNorman Boulus$108,600
1989Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMike Sexton$104,400
1988Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoLance Hilt$123,600
1987Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJoe Petro$93,200
1985Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTom Fischer$73,600
1984Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohn Lukas$74,500
1984Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoNorman Berliner$50,000
1983Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoArtie Cobb$52,000
1982Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoTom Cress$44,000
1981Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoJohnny Moss$33,500
1980Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoMickey Appleman$30,800
1979Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoBones Berland$20,400
1978Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoChip Reese$19,200
1977Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoyle Brunson$62,500
1977Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoFats Morgan$10,800
1976Seven-Card Stud Hi-LoDoc Green$12,750

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