Holdem Poker

David Sklansky Reviewed by TwoGun on Jun. 02, 2005. Overview Hold'em Poker is an outdated poker book that does not offer much content. It was originally written over two decades ago and there have been a lot better poker books written since then. If you are interested in basic Limit Hold'em strategy, I'd advise purchasing Small Stakes Hold'em instead. Poker Advice Hold'em Poker was originally written in the 70's, when only one blind was used. The book has been updated since then to cover the small blind/big blind betting format, but it has not been updated with much more content. Hold'em Poker gives good advice about basic strategies such as starting hands and pot odds. However, it does not go into the type of detail that I expect from a poker book. Presentation Hold'em Poker is a concise, easy read. The writing is a bit bland, but the book is packed full of illustrations to make the book more enjoyable. At just over 100 pages, it does not take long to read this book. Hold'em Poker is more like a poker strategy pamphlet than a poker book.

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