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John Vorhaus Reviewed by Ozone on Aug. 16, 2005. Overview Self-proclaimed "leading poker master" John Vorhaus wastes a few trees with this book. The goal of this book is to help make internet poker enjoyable and even profitable for players new to online poker. While there are a few sparkling moments in this book, it is mostly full of bad advice that will only hinder new players. Poker Advice The reoccuring theme in this book is management. The book has a different chapter on managing one's money, mood, mind, and data. These sections hold some value due to the importance of managing one's money and emotions in the fast-paced world of online poker. Nevertheless, John is able to blotch his otherwise decent advice in a lot of these areas. Recommending that players set alarm clocks to tell them when to stop playing is a little absurd. One frustrating flaw in this book is how much time the author spends talking about irrational worries. While some of his cautionary words hold value, a lot of it is simply hogwash. For example, throughout the book he talks about what to do if a rat chews through your internet cable or if your washing machine starts to overflow while playing online poker. Granted John isn't being terribly literal with these concerns, but it can be a bit annoying to read. Anyone who reads this book will be reading several pages of bad advice followed by a few sentences of helpful words. An example of his downright bad advice is his suggesting that readers should use the chat box to annoy other players and thus set them on tilt. This is bad poker etiquette that is frowned upon by most internet poker rooms. Presentation If there is one bright spot in this book, it is John's writing style. He successfully sounds "cool" to the reader, which is sad knowing that a lot of new poker players will gobble up his bad advice because it is disguised in a cool "Killer Poker!" form. The flow of the book also makes it an easy read.

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