Poker Wisdom of a Champion

Doyle Brunson Reviewed by TwoGun and Ozone on Feb. 10, 2005. Overview Poker Wisdom of a Champion was originally published in 1984 under the title According to Doyle. Republished in 2003 under its new title, Poker Wisdom of a Champion is nothing more than Doyle Brunson's poker stories from his early days as a Texas Road gambler. As one might imagine, these stories are unbelievably entertaining. Of course, Doyle is quick to take a few liberties in the truthfulness of these stories. Nevertheless, they are very entertaining. At 192 pages, Poker Wisdom of a Champion is an extremely quick read and can be easily polished off in a few hours. This book would make a great bathroom book for any poker player. Poker Advice The value of the advice in this book is low, as the stories in this book are at least 20 years old. This book is the story of Doyle's early days of building a bankroll; he writes it to help us all avoid making the same mistakes he did as a new player. Each story ends with a bit of wisdom. Some of the stories are written solely to advise players never to "play in a game that might get hijacked". With modern online games and brick and mortar casinos, hijacked poker games are a thing of the past. Though the advice in this book is outdated, the charm and nostalgia of the stories cannot be overlooked. Presentation Poker Wisdom of a Champion is a collection of short stories. Doyle is very good about keeping the length of these stories in check. They are a light read and are very entertaining. For fans of Doyle Brunson, this book is an absolute must read.

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