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Default connection BITES

Ok, here I sit for the second time today, and the third time in two days, waiting for a connection to Empire Poker.

Yesterday I was able to make a deposit but had to wait half an hour for servers to reboot before I could get in. Then today I tried and tried to get to tournement tables and found that an update (which I had to again, wait for a server reboot,) didn't have a checkmark box so I could buy in.

Tonight I was 2nd in a NL tournement w/ 4 players left. My connection dropped and I had to log back in. This time I waited 15 minutes, and am still waiting, all the while, as in a tournement, my blinds are being posted and folded. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Someone tell me that this is just a fluke or tell me that it is common. I like the software and the tables. I just don't like being tied to a seat while someone blatantly walks off w/ my cash!

(snarles, teeth, and all)
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Ok, I recind part of my groweling. It appears that the whole network was rebooted. When I was able to get back in, I saw that my bankroll had been credited with the full amount of the buy in, plus the percentage I had at the time I was disconnected. I came out ahead, but by only a couple of dollars rather than the big win if my luck had stuck.

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