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Default Canadian Getting Back Online

FYI, I havent played online since before the full tilt fiasco...and never played heavily online to begin with, just local 1/2 NL games and 10/20 or 15/30 limit games. So I guess im kinda a rookie at whats hot and what isn't online right now....

Looking to get back online as a Canadian on a site that offers some nice limit and no limit cash and tourney games. I'm also very interested in winning vacation/poker packages abroad. I used to play party poker but found it to be mostly europeans and the tourney rooms to be very very slow in tht evenings (early mornings there). They used to have some nice qualifiers for big tourneys around the world. Ex 10k package includes 5k buy-in, flight, hotel, spending money etc etc.....

I heard 888 is decent now a days...and what about stars? They're big enough they should have tons of these, no? Any recommendations for the games I play would be awesome! +rep
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