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Default blind

What are they refering to when they say the Big Blind?? Also any advice for a begginer playing in a charity poker game of about 200 people. I dont want to embarass myself. I know the basics but what is a blind??
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The big blind (BB) is the larger of two forced bets made at the start of every hand. It's twice the size of the small blind (SB). There is a dealer button that rotates clockwise every hand in hold em. Directly to the left of the dealer button, that player must put in the small blind and the person to the left of them must put in a big blind. So if you are in the big blind this hand, you must put out the required amount before the hand starts. The next hand you are in the small blind and put out one half the amount you did before. The next hand you are on the dealer button and have no forced bets until the blinds rotate around to you again.

As for the size of the blinds, the table will tell you that. There are cash games with blinds that never change, $1/$2 (meaning $1 SB and $2 BB), and there are tournaments where the blinds increase every so often. You should always be told what the blinds are at the moment and you'll figure out the way they work pretty fast once you see it work.

Hope that makes sense. Kind of late here.
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